What is Palm Sunday and Why do we celebrate it?

As we all celebrate Easter with a lot of pomp and fervor, Palm Sunday is another popular festival that is also loved and enjoyed by the Christian community all across the world. Every year, Palm Sunday occurs on the last Sunday in Lent and before Easter and is recognized as the important holy week of the year. The day holds age-old traditions and meaningful stories that make it a more significant and widely celebrated event.

Palm Sunday Meaning
What is Palm Sunday?

With only a few days left for the beginning of Palm Sunday, here in this article we have briefly covered important information about What is Palm Sunday and the Significance of Palm Sunday.

What is Palm Sunday?

We are all set to welcome the Palm Sunday festival, but how many of us known What is Palm Sunday? And What happened to Jesus on Palm Sunday?.

The day is celebrated as a moment of victory of Lord Jesus into Jerusalem. Even though it is a joyous event for his followers, the day marks the end of his days on Earth before his crucifixion.

The date changes every year based on the liturgical calendar and thus it is known as a moveable feast.

The Significance of Palm Sunday

Christians on Palm Sunday as a sign of praise and respect leave palm fronds and clothing in Jesus Christ’s path. Also as to mark respect and honor, the crowd on this special occasion follow the procession of distributing blessed palm leaves.

In some churches, palm leaves are burned into ashes to use next year as Ash Wednesday. Today most of us celebrate Palm Sunday with red and white color commemoration. According to history, on this special day, Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, as a sign of peace and humility. His followers demonstrated respect by spreading tree palms and other items in front of his path.

Also, people going to church take palm leaves along with them at home as they are blessed holy palms unlike any ordinary palms and place them near cross or crucifix or also put them in a bible until next lent season. They save these palm leaves and then burn them into ashes. It is also known as a reminder of Jesus Christ’s victory over death.

It is also remembered as the beginning of the holy week, a solemn week that means appreciating the final days of Jesus’s life. It is his victory, where for the first time people began to follow and praise him as a king. He brought wrath to both the roman as well as Jewish leaders upon himself.

Palm Sunday Scripture elaborates in detail the story of Jesus Christ, his sacrifices, love, and humanity towards ancient people that made him so great.

In today’s world, Palm Sunday is celebrated in different ways mostly comprising of gathering at masses and church to offer prayers. People on this special occasion decorate their homes up to Easter Week. Also in some countries as a part of the procession people carry decorated ribbons and Palm leaves as a symbol of faith.

This year, Palm Sunday will be celebrated on April 10, 2022, one week before the Easter holiday which falls on April 17, 2022. In this one week, Lord Jesus taught lessons about love and humanity before being crucified and killed. Thus it is known as one of the significant holidays celebrated worldwide.

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