20 Best Easter Games Ideas For the Whole Family

Fun & Creative Easter Games Ideas For Kids & Adults: There is huge excitement all around, as one of the most popular and happening events of the year, the 2022 Easter Day is approaching closer. Little ones, especially kids and young children’s relish the moment of Easter by playing fun-filled activities mostly comprised of Easter egg hunting, and other plentiful adventurous activities.

Best Easter Games
Best Easter Games 2022

Before having a delicious Easter meal or if you are vouching for amazing hidden treats, then you are at the right place, as here we have gathered some of the best and most interesting Easter Games that will certainly be loved by your little ones.

1. Easter Egg Bingo:
It is a tricky, yet interesting mix and matches Easter game, where you can keep your little one busy matching different tops and bottoms of plastic Easter Eggs. Get the tutorial at Sunny Day family

Best Easter Games
Easter Egg Bingo

2. Hula Hoop Aim Game:
Hula Hoop Aim Game is a fun and entertaining Easter game. All you have to do is set up five hula hoops on the floor and assign a value to each hula hoop. The closest hoop is marked with 10 points and the farthest with 50. Get the tutorial at Empowered parents

Fun Easter Games
Hula Hoop Aim Game

3. Jumping Jack:
The young ones will love this game, where each player has to pull carrots from the base and wait for Jack to launch from his perch to catch him.

Best Easter Games
Jumping Jack Easter Game

4. Clue Hunt Easter Game:
You have to hide the artificial eggs and candies separately and each candy will have a special clue in it. Your little ones have to match each mystery candy. Get the tutorial at kcedventures

Creative easter Games
Clue Hunt Easter Game

5. Guess How Many:
Keep a jar of jelly beans in front of the children and allow them to judge the number of jellies placed in them. The winner will win the Jelly Jar.

Best Easter Game
Guess How Many Easter Game

6. Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt:
Hide pieces of Easter-themed puzzles inside the Easter Egg and then have kids assemble them. Get the tutorial at Make the best of everything

Fun Easter Games
Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

7. Hatchimals EGGventure Game:
The game consists of four exclusive Hatchimals figurines and one surprise egg will be placed inside to hatch. This game will help to enhance strategic skills.

Best Easter Games
Hatchimals EGGventure Game

8. Jelly Bean Color Match:
This Easter tries to develop the skill of color recognition among toddlers through this cool Jelly Bean Color Match game.

9. Easter Egg Advent Calendar:
Easter Egg Advent Calendar will let your kid count the days with these confetti-filled eggs.

10. Easter Bunny Bowling:
This is easy DIY for kids to have a colorful Easter Bunny Bowling Game.

11. Egg Popper Trees:
Cherish this Easter holiday with a delicious fun twist plastic Egg Poppins

12. DIY Bean Bag Toss:
Place a clay saucer on the floor or garden area and the one who attempts to choose the furthest clay saucer will win the best score in the game.

13. Knock the Cans:
It is an interesting and tricky Easter Game, where your kid has to paint the plain old tin cans with pastels and lace to toss it.

14. Springtime Tic-Tac-Toe:
Paint the stones into cool Easter eggs and bunnies and place them on a wooden table to enjoy the classic tic-tac-toe game.

15. Soda Bottle Ring Toss:
The whole family finds a reason to engage themselves at the Easter party with the DIY Coloring of Soda Bottle Ring Toss.

16. Balloon Easter Egg Hunt:
Easter Egg Hunt is a favorite party game, but this time make it special by placing the balloons at a distance with the pastel pinks.

17. Jelly Bean Bingo:
It is a simple yet amazing Jelly Bean Bingo game to fulfill the taste buds of young ones.

18. Plastic Cup Game:
Take a simple cup and tie it to a plastic Easter Egg to keep it simple and entertaining.

19. Easter Egg Towers:
It is an entertaining game, where the one who builds the highest Easter Egg Towers will win a prize.

20. DIY Washers Yard Game:
This game is perfect for both kids and adults, where DIY rings have to place in the Washer yard.

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