Is McDonald Open on Easter Sunday 2022

Is McDonald open on Easter 2022/ Walmart Easter Hours: Easter is the best time to relish with family members, best friends having a fun time, get together, and also a delicious Easter feast. The day is enjoyed to the fullest with different engaging activities like egg hunts, festive crafts, and also family-friendly games.

McDonald Easter Hours
McDonald Easter Hours 2022

Being a festive holiday, most of the restaurants, grocery stores remain closed, the only option left is to have a quick meal. Mc Donald on this special day will remain open for the whole day offering drive-thru, carry out, and/ or indoor dining or Easter Sunday this year.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic situation, some of the Mc Donald Outlet have adjusted their operating hours and will only offer drive-thru or carryout options. So before you choose to visit the store, we will recommend you to call your nearest McDonald’s to confirm hours and procedures.

In light of the Covid 19 situation, most of Mc Donald’s Fast food chains are enforcing social distancing and also enhancing cleaning procedures. CDC has clearly stated that the “Safest way to enjoy and support restaurants and bars is to take out food and eat it at home with people who live with you”.

If you still wish to eat out on Easter please follow the below consideration.

  • It is mandatory to wear Mask
  • When sitting or standing, keep a distance of at least six feet from each other.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Also, use Hand Sanitizers frequently.
  • Try to eat quickly because the longer you stay put, the more you are exposed to risk.

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