20+ Easy Easter Nails Art Ideas for Spring 2022

20 Easter Nails
Easter is the best moment for each one of us which is celebrated every year with a lot of pomp and fervor. It is the only occasion, that lets us enjoy the mood of Christmas with a vibrant range of colors – all perfect for beautiful and creative Easter nails.

If you’re planning to have a spring manicure, then you’re at the right place as here we have got unique nail art inspiration from the cool flora and fauna and also beautiful color pastels.
You can choose from the options available blues and grays, moody winter blacks, along with more sparking, bright, flower design, pink tips, and other spring ideas.

1. Soft Pastel Nails
Soft Pastel Nails will give a trendy look by applying different colors to all of your nails.

2. Outlined Half-Moons
These little half-moons texture is the best Nail art design to have on the coming Easter holiday.

3. Pastel Asymmetrical French Manicure
Pastel Asymmetrical French Manicure will bring a classic look that extends from one side down towards the length of the nail.

4. Bunny Nails
The Easter festival is about Bunny and why not follow it by hopping down with an Easter bunny nail sticker.

5. Easter Egg Nails
One of the Springs’ most fond activities of Easter is having Easter Egg and thus A nail liner pen will look adorable on those thick black specks.

6. Marble Swirl
This time at the Easter event, paint your nail with these cool soft-hued Marble Swirl.

7. Plenty of Pinks
There are a lot of options available ranging from light, deep baby pink to red cerise.

8. Pale Purple and Mellow Yellow
Pale Purple and Mellow Yellow are the two vibrant colors with diagonal stripes to have it as an Easter nail tape.

9. Pops of Color
These natural bright Pops of Color will shine brightly on your nails for the Easter occasion.

10. Minty Fresh Nails
The Minty Fresh Nail Easter color is a simple yet attractive design to have at an Easter event.

11. Chocolate Candy Eggs
Chocolate Candy Egg design is inspired by sweet candy eggs that cover different pastel shades at the base and flecks.

12. Jewel-Toned Floral Nail Wraps
Jewel-Toned Floral Nail Wraps will go well along with your Floral Easter outfit

13. Pinks and Greys
For those who wish to have a demure manicure, then we would recommend going with the baby pink and tonal gray combination.

14. Fried Eggs
Instead of trying the traditional egg pastel colors, these times experiment with funny fried egg designs that are easy to DIY.

15. Pastel Strips
It is simple to choose with a pastel polish going down with a sheer base coat. One can add glitter to it, to have a funky final look.

16. Purple Polka Dots
You can try these Purple Polka Dots nail designs created by nail artist Sigourney Nunez.

17. Pastel French Tips
If you wish to carve a French manicure, then try these latest classic pastel twist designs easy to DIY at home created by nail artist Deviny Thompson.

18. Lilac Easter Bunny
This is one of the best combinations to paint nails with Lilac dots and an Easter bunny. You can also customize with a press-on according to the shape of nails.

19. Pastel Lightning
The springtime palette is designed by nail artist Mimi D is one of the favorites to put it on as an Easter nail art.

20. Seersucker
This is simple to design by just putting on straight lines with a white polish and then drawing blue lines on top with nail stencils.

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