20+ Easy Easter Nails Art Ideas for Spring 2022

20 Easter Nails
Easter is the best moment for each one of us which is celebrated every year with a lot of pomp and fervor. It is the only occasion, that lets us enjoy the mood of Christmas with a vibrant range of colors – all perfect for beautiful and creative Easter nails.

If you’re planning to have a spring manicure, then you’re at the right place as here we have got unique nail art inspiration from the cool flora and fauna and also beautiful color pastels.
You can choose from the options available blues and grays, moody winter blacks, along with more sparking, bright, flower design, pink tips, and other spring ideas.

1. Soft Pastel Nails
Soft Pastel Nails will give a trendy look by applying different colors to all of your nails.

2. Outlined Half-Moons
These little half-moons texture is the best Nail art design to have on the coming Easter holiday.

3. Pastel Asymmetrical French Manicure
Pastel Asymmetrical French Manicure will bring a classic look that extends from one side down towards the length of the nail.

4. Bunny Nails
The Easter festival is about Bunny and why not follow it by hopping down with an Easter bunny nail sticker.

5. Easter Egg Nails
One of the Springs’ most fond activities of Easter is having Easter Egg and thus A nail liner pen will look adorable on those thick black specks.

6. Marble Swirl
This time at the Easter event, paint your nail with these cool soft-hued Marble Swirl.

7. Plenty of Pinks
There are a lot of options available ranging from light, deep baby pink to red cerise.

8. Pale Purple and Mellow Yellow
Pale Purple and Mellow Yellow are the two vibrant colors with diagonal stripes to have it as an Easter nail tape.

9. Pops of Color
These natural bright Pops of Color will shine brightly on your nails for the Easter occasion.

10. Minty Fresh Nails
The Minty Fresh Nail Easter color is a simple yet attractive design to have at an Easter event.

11. Chocolate Candy Eggs
Chocolate Candy Egg design is inspired by sweet candy eggs that cover different pastel shades at the base and flecks.

12. Jewel-Toned Floral Nail Wraps
Jewel-Toned Floral Nail Wraps will go well along with your Floral Easter outfit

13. Pinks and Greys
For those who wish to have a demure manicure, then we would recommend going with the baby pink and tonal gray combination.

14. Fried Eggs
Instead of trying the traditional egg pastel colors, these times experiment with funny fried egg designs that are easy to DIY.

15. Pastel Strips
It is simple to choose with a pastel polish going down with a sheer base coat. One can add glitter to it, to have a funky final look.

16. Purple Polka Dots
You can try these Purple Polka Dots nail designs created by nail artist Sigourney Nunez.

17. Pastel French Tips
If you wish to carve a French manicure, then try these latest classic pastel twist designs easy to DIY at home created by nail artist Deviny Thompson.

18. Lilac Easter Bunny
This is one of the best combinations to paint nails with Lilac dots and an Easter bunny. You can also customize with a press-on according to the shape of nails.

19. Pastel Lightning
The springtime palette is designed by nail artist Mimi D is one of the favorites to put it on as an Easter nail art.

20. Seersucker
This is simple to design by just putting on straight lines with a white polish and then drawing blue lines on top with nail stencils.

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20+ Best Easter Decoration Ideas to Celebrate This Spring

Best Easter Decoration Ideas 2022: One of the biggest festival events of the year, Easter Holidays is approaching closer. There is already a lot of excitement, happiness all way around to welcome this amazing festival with a lot of pomp and fervor. Easter is all about Easter Egg and decorating homes, garden areas, lawns with colorful and bright pastel colors, and cute little Easter bunnies.

It is always a great moment for all of us if we give it a try ourselves to have the best Easter decorations. So here in this article, we have come up with Easy DIY Easter decorations that will certainly add more fun and joy to your Easter celebrations.

1. Seed Packet Wreath
You can fix the colorful, attractive 12 to 14 seed packets with a blue lap ribbon and faux flowers with hot glue.

2. Crepe Paper Easter Bunny
These cool DIY Crepe Paper Easter Bunny will certainly add more brightness to your home. You can even hang it on your front door as an Easter decoration display.

3. Easter Egg Bouquet
This Easter enjoy unique home décor with the Easter Egg Bouquet can be made simply with dye eggs along with some matching blooms.

4. Carrot Garland
You can hang the cones of square card stocks covered with orange crepe paper with stripes of green crepe paper on the front wall.

5. Easter Egg Topiaries
Easter Egg Topiaries are one of the elegant and easy DIY Easter decoration ideas.

6. Carrot Candy Holders
The Carrot Candy Holders placed in a jar will add more colors to the Easter table.

7. Painted Mason Jars
You can gift your loved ones cute Easter gifts in the form of these pint-sized printed mason jars.

8. Popsicle Stick Bunny
Popsicle Stick Bunny is one of the easy DIY Easter décor ideas to have on the coming Easter holiday.

9. Paper Mache Bunny
Add a pretty vintage charm this Easter with this cool-looking Paper Mache Bunny décor.

10. Hanging Easter Basket
Hanging Easter Basket with colorful Easter eggs placed inside it can be placed as a hanging interior Easter decoration.

11. Standing Wooden Bunny Cut-out with Ribbon
Standing Wooden Bunny Cut-out with a beautiful turquoise ribbon tied around his neck is the best way to greet and welcome guests for the Easter holiday.

12. Hatched Egg Easter Tree Ornament
Easter tree is always a center of attraction, where this time utilizes your décor skills with cool and awesome Hatched Egg Easter Tree Ornament.

13. Rustic Wooden Box Planter
Not just interior, but you can also give some adorable look to exteriors with a rustic wooden planter filled with twin purple tulips intertwined with moss and greenery.

14. Moss Covered Pot with Little Bunny and Pansies
These bold purple, bright, pink, and yellow blooms covered with little bunny and pansies in a moss-covered pot can be placed on the front porch or near the front door.

15. White Wire Basket with Stick Cross and Easter Decorations
If you wish to have typical Easter Décor ideas, then we will recommend you to try out these DIY White Wire Basket with Stick Cross.

16. Orange Chevron Carrot Pallet Sign
Add a glorious touch to this Easter season with these upright bold and bright rectangular orange sign carrots.

17. Happy Easter Wooden Porch Sign
Welcome your special guests with this large wooden Happy Easter Wooden Porch Sign.

18. Pale Pink Wooden Rabbit Cutout
This pale pink bunny cutout with a big bow of gorgeous ribbon can be used to hang on your porch or side door.

19. Carrot and Bunny Garland
Hang this funny pattern of Carrot and Bunny Garland one across your front porch to add more charm to the Easter holiday.

20. Grouping of 3 plants and Egg display
This Easter season find your favorite place for a much-needed facelift with this eye-catching grouping of 3 boxwood plants along with white decorative eggs filled in a brown basket.

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21 Best Easter Movies to Watch With Your Family

21 Easter Movies
Easter holiday is meant to celebrate the moment with friends, family members, and close friends. The day offers us a lot of reasons to enjoy having fun-filled activities Easter dinner, egg hunting. However, after finishing them, you can spend quality time watching your favorite festive movies.

Also, many of them might be planning well ahead of this spring season, with the list of themed movies where the whole family will engage themselves. Below in this article, we have featured movies ranging from religious Christian epics to animated classics that can be enjoyed and streamed on popular OTT platforms Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, and beyond.
1. Peter Rabbit
This most popular partially animated classic tale of bunny feature will bring fun and enlightenment at the upcoming Easter night.

2. Ben – Hur
Ben Hur depicts the story of Judah Ben-Hur, a member of Jerusalem’s Jewish nobility. It is one of the great movies showcasing the historical context of Jesus’s life and his crucifixion.

3. Risen
Risen is an all-time favorite movie released in 2016 that mainly exhibits the gritty, Game of Thrones-style period piece.

4. The Last Temptation of Christ
If you want to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his life moments, then hop into these classic 1988 Martin Scorses’ Wild.

5. Rise of the Guardian
Your kids will cheer and have a lot of fun on the Easter holiday while watching this epic animated adventure Rise of Guardians.

6. The Ten Commandments
If you wish to have a classic film, then we will recommend this epic classic Biblical drama of the Pre-Easter world “The Ten Commandments”.

7. Zootopia
This 2016 Disney production adorable animated movie Zootopia is a much-watch for both kids and adults.

8. Easter Parade
Easter Parade is a classic nostalgic movie for Easter Sunday starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

9. Life of Brain
If you are searching for a funny, hilarious classic Easter film, then look forward to this Monty Python Classic “Life of Brain”.

10. The Prince of Egypt
This animated movie will be a great pick for Easter weekend, featuring the story of the Book of Exodus in a very classic, entertaining way.

11. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
This Academy-winning, feature film comes in an installment of a series that can be relished throughout the Easter holidays.

12. Jesus Christ Superstar
The 1973 adaptation of Llyod Weber’s 1969 musical period piece will win the hearts of the viewers.

13. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
This fairytale of big cats wrapped in a biblical analogy will be a visual treat for all those enjoying it on a television screen.

14. Steel Magnolias
The 80’s southern tale about female friendship along with an Easter Egg scene in the midway is unforgettable enough to miss in the list of Easter movies.

15. The Dog who saved Easter
It is a lighthearted comedy movie of the Labrador Zeus, chasing the criminals who are about to sabotage the nursery.

16. The passion of the Christ
This graphical Mel Gibson-directed visionary film The Passion of the Christ relates to the story of Jesus Christ.

17. Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko is all about real-life brother and sister Jake and Maggie life instances to be watched by your teenagers.

18. Joseph: King of Dreams
Joseph: King of Dreams is the 2000 animated movie that serves as a prequel to 1998’s The Prince of Egypt.

19. Toy Story 4
If you thoroughly wish to enjoy the amazing Easter egg hunt along with your little ones then have fun by watching these animated series Toy Story 4.

20. Here comes Peter Cottontail
This 1971 classic old Hollywood movie introduces us to the most popular rabbit character: Peter Cottontail.

21. Miss Potter
Miss Potter represents the true tale of Beatrix Potter starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan Mcgregor.

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